Acasia Southdale Fibre Build

Acasia Southdale Fibre Build

Acasia Southdale fibre build

Business Services has started with the fibre build to Acasia Southdale and soon this complex will have access to awesome BSIT fibre to the home services.

The site build was planned with the least amount of disruptions but there was a bit of civil work required. The planning was first signed off by the body corporate and then our projects teams could start. We thought we would run you through some of the steps done on the civil build for Acacia Southdowns installation.

Trenching was done to a depth of 400mm and a 50mm sleeve was installed. The soil was reinsted after the sleeve installation.

Manholes where installed at each of the blocks that required a distribution or drop box with a one way duct.

The one way duct was installed into 20mm conduit up to the drop box on each of the blocks.

All paving for the site was reinstated and the site was cleaned before installing a two way duct between the manholes at each of the blocks.

Drop box’s where installed onto each of the blocks.

Our projects teams make every effort to get work completed with the least amount of disruptions to the complex. We pride ourselves on keeping the work done to the highest quality and by keeping the site clean.

Now that the civil work has been completed a fibre team will come in to float the fibre cable and spice each of the drop box’s. The cables will then be tested and active equipment installed into our cabinet on the site. Installations into the house will be done by a fibre installation team when a client sign’s up for a service.

We look forward to completing this project and excited to get clients connected to a new internet experience.

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