As the world becomes more reliant on technology, exceptional and reliable IT support is something every business needs. If you’re in Johannesburg, your company can truly benefit from Business Service’s management of IT systems. We are committed to service excellence and provide a service that is truly scalable, allowing you the flexibility you need to reach your corporate objectives.

IT is the backbone of every company, small or large, and allows for crucial elements such as communication, data storage and decrypting vital information. In big, competitive cities such as Johannesburg a well-oiled IT support structure is crucial to achieving uptime and staying ahead of the curve, which positively impacts profits and growth. This is why our service is ideal for:

  • Companies with an existing IT team who want to have a more skilled force and keep expenses low
  • Organisations that want to reduce the time they spend managing their support desk and increase productivity in other sectors of their business

We are dedicated to delivering seamless support to you our, valued customer, with aspects such as:

We cater to both big and small companies and offer you the choice to choose between:

  • Ad Hoc – Rest assured knowing that you can enlist the service of an engineer when you need one and only pay for the services provided. This means you’re not locked into a contract of any sort and can pay as you go or do block booking. 
  • SLA – For a monthly fee, you can enjoy a comprehensive package where you receive both onsite and offsite support whenever you need it. This allows you to concentrate on other tasks at hand, while keeping costs of managing your IT support to a minimal.

Enjoy specialist backing in Johannesburg with our IT support service. Contact us to find out more.