Having a reliable IT support service in your business positively affects output. It is the core of most of your business operations and must be maintained at a high standard. While this is the case, your business also has other aspects that need your attention. As such, Business Services alleviate the pressure of managing a help desk by offering one of the most reliable IT support solutions in Pretoria for business who need stable IT infrastructure in the area.

Most business in Pretoria have well trained IT personnel manning their help desks. However, the complexity of this department means plenty of manpower and resources are often spent maintaining this service, which leads to increased overheads and the neglect of other aspects of your business. It is especially concerning if you experience a great deal of downtime, as this affects company output.

As such, Business services IT support solutions are ideal for your company if you:

  • Need to improve on your existing support staff without having to drastically increase expenses
  • Would like to devote hours spent maintaining your IT infrastructure to other parts of your business

If you’re in Pretoria and need reliable IT support solutions, you can rely on us to provide:

We assure all you, our valued client, the flexibility you need by offering this service in two ways, which are:

  • Ad Hoc – While you may not require external engineers regularly there are times when your company is underpowered or lacks the expertise to remedy a problem. This service is ideal for you, as you can request for an IT engineer and only pay for the hours they’ve spent working.
  • SLA – Companies that regularly require a support team to provide assistance will find this service to be very beneficial. You pay on a monthly basis and can request for an engineer to come in and help whenever you need one at no extra cost.

Rest assured know that Business Service has your back. Get the IT support you need now.