Service Level Agreements

An important part of any service contract undertaken with Business Services is the requirement of service level agreements. It defines what level of service should be expected from us so that there is no confusion from the client’s side.

It should inform the client of factors such as the availability of the service, the performance thereof, how it will function on a day to day basis and what the responsibilities of both parties involved are. It is important to note this forms a legally binding contract.

It takes note of:

  • The requirements of the contract
  • Any amendments
  • A description of the service
  • The hours of service
  • Service availability
  • Expect reliability of the service
  • Customer support functions
  • Service performance measures
  • Security matters
  • IT services and support

Additionally, service level agreements in South Africa, like elsewhere, may come up for periodic reviews to ensure that all the agreed upon terms have been met. Our team of highly trained professional staff work to ensure that every aspect of your SLA is adhered to.

Because we offer scalable solutions for companies of all sizes, you can chat to us about putting together a custom agreement for you. This means that you can pick the services your business requires, and leave redundant ones out.

As part of our comprehensive service, we will report back to you as soon as possible should any issues arise in order to resolve these timeously. Contact a Business Services consultant today to find out more about our service level agreements.