Business Services (BSIT) has grown from humble beginnings to become one of South Africa’s most personalised and customer focused connectivity solutions provider.

Offering the full range of connectivity options and owning their own fibre infrastructure and network support has enabled the company to offer a complete one stop fibre and online technology shop to their customers, whilst ensuring that the quality of their installations and service delivery is managed with efficiency and care.

Wayne Redelinghuys, Managing Director and Shareholder of BSIT said “We are exceptionally pleased with how we have evolved over the last 25 years. We have a national footprint that continues to grow, and we are expecting a 25% growth in our customer base over the next 12 months”.

“The key to our success has been to never forget that our customers are the ones that make BSIT the company that it is. We continue to invest substantially in customer support systems such as our call centre operations and our technicians out on site. We constantly invest in the training of all of our teams, which enables us to offer a streamlined, professional and personalised service”.

How BSIT Grows

Keeping in touch with the residential and commercial development sectors is how BSIT has continued to expand. This has enabled BSIT to install its own infrastructure at the very beginning of a building or estate development, making it fibre ready and adding sales value at the same time.

BSIT is a company that’s growth has been steady but focused, and it will continue to adopt that growth strategy, it is a sound and secure strategy. “We see no point in growing at such a capacity that our customer service declines. The customer is all important to us, without it we are nothing” commented Redelinghuys.

“We are a young and lean company that is reaching for the stars from very small beginnings. Our learning curve is ongoing as we develop and invest in ways to make out customers part of our family and invite them to join us on this magnificent and exciting ride. Technology doesn’t stand still, it moves quickly, and so does BSIT”.

Keeping in Touch Proactively

Network outages are at times unavoidable, when, for example, there is an undersea cable break or localised technical difficulties. They key to maintaining customer confidence is the speed at which the ‘communication’ is delivered to the customer base.

“Voice to voice and WhatsApp and Telegram are our preferred method of communicating connectivity information to our clients. There is nothing worse for subscribers to find they cannot connect or access their online services as they go about their daily business or leisure activities, but do not know why”. To this end, we undertake to engage with our customers as far in advance as possible to let them know of any technical issues that might impact upon their ability to connect to their services. In the case of a sudden outage we endeavour to let the client know as soon as possible when we anticipate the issue will be resolved”.


One of the challenges that BSIT has taken on board is how to convey technical knowledge to their customers in an easily understandable way. “Not everyone is technically savvy. Many just want to press a button and see everything working, they don’t always understand the technicalities of some of the faults that at times creep into systems”. “It is our objective, through engagement with our customer services support teams, to explain in lay terms why your router is perhaps outdated or why your Wi-Fi signal hasn’t managed to make it around your brand-new double door metal fridge or how to eliminate the dead spots in your office”. “It is our responsibility to engage with our customer base in a way that imparts knowledge and confidence in the services they have signed up for” he said.

Now and Beyond

Over the last 18 months, South Africa like the rest of the world has had to embrace the working from home phenomenon due to COVID-19. Many companies were caught wanting as their overall capabilities could not cope with the demand for greater data and bandwidth requirements. “BSIT was not one of those companies” said Redelinghuys, “We saw an upswing in requests for FTTH installations and bandwidth requirements. There were no hiccups in our supply”.

“It’s all about communication. It’s all about our loyalty to our customers and theirs to BSIT. It is about delivering the best in technology, the most reliable and affordable connectivity to our 5000 subscribers throughout our 200 network locations. BSIT is a company that’s going places and a company that you can trust” concluded Redelinghuys.

BSIT covers both the business and personal connectivity sectors, offering Cloud Hosting, VOIP, FTTH, Wi-Fi and Ethernet Internet Services and all the technical wingbats and gadgets such as routers, phone porting, signal boosters and Wi-Fi analysers that make their customers enjoy a world class connectivity experience the quickest and most satisfying.

Call us on +27(010) 035 0005 email us on [email protected]  we would love to hear from you or Visit our website https://bsit.co.za/  We have everything to keep you connected.

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