The Mother City is a technologically advanced hub with infrastructure that is on par with first world countries. If you’re situated in the city, you can take advantage of Business Services wireless internet solution in Cape Town, and enjoy seamless connectivity. We’re dedicated to giving you an unparalleled experience that keeps you connected to the world around you.

The need for wireless internet is undeniable, especially in fast paced business sectors such as marketing and media, hospitality and tourism. It provides a variety of conveniences, including:

  • The ability to connect wireless devices to the internet such as smartphones and laptops
  • Lower costs of installation when compared to wired connections
  • No chance of downtime due to cable theft
  • High speed connectivity, allowing you to connect your business to the world

In Cape Town, our internet packages feature:

  • Business Wireless Internet – Business Services Wireless Internet is a high-speed, asynchronous connection which gives clients a 1:10 contended service. 
  • LTE-Advanced – The latest in LTE technology delivered to you using Rain’s LTE-A network with over 750 towers. 
  • Home Wireless Internet – Super Wireless Internet is a great internet package for home users that need an affordable connection. This package will cater for general browsing, downloading, email, Skype and more.
  • Blended Fibre – Blended Fibre is a revolutionary new service offering Fibre-Fast internet connectivity to homes without the hassle of waiting for fibre to be trenched.
  • Fibre to the Home – We make use of various fibre suppliers to ensure that we can provide you with a super fast uncapped FTTH service. 

All our packages are scalable, allowing you to choose features that fit your business or personal needs. So stay in touch without being tied down to a conventional connection. Get wireless internet in Cape Town today.