Connect and share information fast and effectively with our internet access offerings in Pretoria. Whether you’re a business or home user, our service is designed to open up your doors to the World Wide Web. By signing up for one of our packages, you can stay in touch with your clients, take care of transactions and do everything online without being tied down with costly cables.

The Future Is Wireless

Gone are the days when you had to depend on cables to stay connected. This past era led to many inconveniences, including costly cable installation and downtime due to theft. What’s more, you had to physically connect your device to a modem, which restricted your movements. Now, with wireless internet access, you can connect anywhere in your business or home with ease, and don’t have to worry about downtime or costly setups. You may also choose the be connected by Fibre to the Home or FTTH.

At Business Services we cater to a large variety of clients with packages such as:

  • Business Wireless Internet – Business Services Wireless Internet is a high-speed, asynchronous connection which gives clients a 1:10 contended service. 
  • LTE-Advanced – The latest in LTE technology delivered to you using Rain’s LTE-A network with over 750 towers. 
  • Home Wireless Internet – Super Wireless Internet is a great internet package for home users that need an affordable connection. This package will cater for general browsing, downloading, email, Skype and more.
  • Blended Fibre – Blended Fibre is a revolutionary new service offering Fibre-Fast internet connectivity to homes without the hassle of waiting for fibre to be trenched.
  • Fibre to the Home – We make use of various fibre suppliers to ensure that we can provide you with a super fast uncapped FTTH service. 

Business Services understand that each company and home users has their own special needs when it comes to staying connected. This is why we also offer tailored packages to suit different kinds of businesses and private browsers, so rest assured knowing that we’ve got the connection for you.

Connect to the wireless age with Business Services. Contact us today to find out more about our wireless internet access in Pretoria.