The digitally integrated world we live in today means that wireless internet access is more important than ever. No matter if your organization is small, medium or large, fast and reliable access to the World Wide Web has become non-negotiable. At Business Services, we pride ourselves on delivering great wireless access.

Connecting with the world around you

One of the most efficient and convenient ways to stay connected is with our wireless internet access in Randfontein. Gone are the days of having to rely on physical infrastructure, such as cabling and the issues related with them. Provided you are in range of our coverage, your access is guaranteed.

What’s more, you can connect all your devices wirelessly negating the need for cables and other physical connections. Not to mention going online using smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Such comprehensive access means that your business can run uninterrupted at all times.

Your organisation can benefit from ease of access and seamless communication between branches, be it via VPN or VoIP, to name but two. As a home user you can browse the web at will for online shopping, gaming and much more.

Our wireless solution from Business Services is one of the fastest offerings available and users can enjoy features such as:

  • Business Wireless Internet – Business Services Wireless Internet is a high-speed, asynchronous connection which gives clients a 1:10 contended service. 
  • LTE-Advanced – The latest in LTE technology delivered to you using Rain’s LTE-A network with over 750 towers. 
  • Home Wireless Internet – Super Wireless Internet is a great internet package for home users that need an affordable connection. This package will cater for general browsing, downloading, email, Skype and more.

Business Services is bound by the Wireless Access Points Association’s (WAPA) code of conduct and we are committed to providing you with a service that will not disappoint.

To take advantage of our excellent and reliable wireless internet access in Randfontein, contact us today.